Redevelopment is a process where the old structural is demolished & new structural comes in place. The development happened due to various reasons but mainly due to govt. rules of increasing FSI to create more housing stock for new buyers. In this process the owner of existing building gets bigger & new flats to live in place of old flat as per feasibility & term between housing society & developer. in this the profit is shared between housing society members & developers so it’s a win – win situation for all..govt. housing society owners & developers.

Process of redevelopment:

  1. When society decides for redevelopment of their old structural they need to call special general meeting .in meeting 70% member should sign in favour of redevelopment.

  2. Society committee to appoint redevelopment consultant.

  3. Consultant to make feasibility report to assess possibility of exploration of project.

  4. Tendering to invite developer.

  5. Selection of developer

  6. Getting all clearance from relevant govt. bodies.

  7. Construction of new super structure as per govt rules & regulation

Getting all clearance from govt.& hand ing over to society