Paints is the outer most layer of house protection & decoration. house paint reflect the mind & taste of home occupant. before house paint one should make following observation :-

  1. before deciding painting of home/building we must carry our detail survey about :-

  2. weather & climate of area.

  3. purpose of painting.

  4. specific need of particular place we are going to paint.

before we think of painting our home/Building we should make a survey about type of climate of area .if its heavy rainy area we need paints which have more resistance to fungal & have strong water proof characteristic encase of exterior painting.

we should also make sure the purpose of painting .ie. decorative, protective ,water proofing.

every place need specific quality to maintain. This we will go in detail for each area .

Type of painting for home /building :-

there are basically 2 type of painting requirement for home/building

  1. A) internal painting:- internal painting to be done inside house /building .when we plan to carry out painting for internal surface we should plan as follow:-

  2. a) selection of paint.

  3. b) covering of all surfaces except area to be floor ,furniture, doors etc.

  4. c) basic preparation of surface .

  5. d) application of putty , primer & final coats of paint.


a) Distember—approx —Rs18/sq ft

b) Acrylic emulsion—Rs22/sq ft

c) Luxury emulsion—Rs 28/sq ft

d) PUpainta-Rs 45/sq ft

e) Enamel—Rs24/sqft .

When we plan for external painting we must observe following:-

  1. climate condition of area.

  • atmosphere cycle of area.

  1. pollution index of area.

when planning for external painting we should have :-

  1. a) right selection of contractor :- the contractor should have necessary machinery ,safety tools , required skilled man power, necessary painting equipment ,required govt. permissions & work man compensations policy .

when we assign work to a contractor we should have written agreement regarding type of paint to be used, approximate quantity ,procedure & if any item is extra it should be mentioned to avoid unnecessary discrepancy in later stage.

  1. b) Selection of paint:- for exterior surface the cost includes paints, scaffolding, cleaning & application. here scaffolding ,cleaning, surface preparation & cleaning cost are fixed. we recommend best quality of paint with low dust pick up, water proof, fungal resistance ,anti carbonation &with elongation nature of paints area recommended. for exterior paints should have UV resistance & colour fastness. so earthy colours are recommended for long colour shade life.


  1. after selection of contractor scaffolding to be erected. we must ensure that scaffolding are of firm ,rigid & safe .

  2. all the surface other then the area to be painted should be properly covered protected .area of at least 10 ft in ground surrounding the building to be covered with plastic rolls/sheets

  3. surface area to be cleaned should be washed with jet pressure or with water & brush to remove all fungal ,dust ,& other loose material .

  4. all crack of more than .05mm are to be open in V shape .

  5. clean the dust of crack with electric blower.

  6. fill the crack with crack seal or any other crack filling material with fibre mesh as sand witch .it will not allow cracks to open later.

  7. apply exterior grade suitable primer with roller/brush/spray gun. let the surface dry completely .

  8. Apply 2 coat of recommended paint in desire colour .

while getting exterior painting its been advice to get done grill & other parts painting & water proofing of chajjas etc because later will be difficult later on to it without scaffoldings.

TYPE OF EXTERIOR PAINTS:- generally the exterior paints are of :-

  1. Cement base exterior paints.

  2. Semi acrylic exterior paints.

  • Pure acrylic paints

  1. Elastomeric exterior paints

  2. texture coating

  3. Acrylic Anti carbonation coatings.

     Our recommendation :- we recommend texture coating for high rainfall area ,pure acrylic for medium rainfall area & low dust pick up paints for area where dust is more.


a) Cement paints –Rs 8/sq ft.

b) Semiacrylic—Rs 12 /sq ft.

c) 100% acrylic exterior paints—Rs 14/sq ft

d) superior acrylic specilesd paints –onselection