Housing society maintainance is a bigger canvas then maintaining a house or bungalow as it’s a joint property owned all member of housing society .maintaining housing society is a tedious task bas contain lots of flats ,open space, water supply section, security section & most important it’s not individual authority but a governing body where more than one person is involved in any decision.

In general housing society need following:-

  1. Maintain day to day activities I.e. water supply, security, housekeeping management etc

  2. Conveyance of society – getting transfer the power of land ownership to society from developer.

  3. Periodically maintaince I.e. repair, renovation.

  4. Redevelopment of housing society i.e construction of new building after demolishing old.

At HOUZZWORKS we carry out all the above activity with the support of our associate, who is expert of their respective field.

Redevelopment Consultant


Repair Consultant


Repair Turnkey Contractor